October 8-9, 2024
Southlake, TX

Connecting manufacturing and supply chain leaders across aerospace, defense and commercial aviation, to accelerate digital transformation.

The Aviation Week Digital Transformation Summit is designed for aerospace, defense, and commercial aviation manufacturing leaders to come together to discuss emerging technological advances; strategies to breakdown the cultural, organizational, and technical implementation barriers that OEMs and their suppliers face in their digital transformation journeys; and thus provide a forum to accelerate digital transformation success for companies of all sizes and move the entire industry forward in unison. 

Attend the Digital Transformation Summit to enable your organization to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing risks and threats and reducing costs. Learn how the industry's best-performing companies leverage data-driven solutions and digital tools; navigate organizational changes and workforce challenges; and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. There's no better time than now to ensure that your business is keeping pace with emerging technological advances to build better quality systems faster.

Key Topics Include: 

  • The Current State of Digital Transformation
  • Optimizing the Aerospace Value Chain with Digital Twins
  • Strategies for Agile Aerospace SMBs
  • Smart Manufacturing: Building efficiency in factory operations
  • Case Study: AI/Machine Learning in ActionCase Study: Managing Standards and Regulations
  • Navigating Organizational Change and Collaboration
  • Elevating Quality through Digital Transformation
  • Designing a Framework to Get the Most from Your Data

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Scenes from the 2023 event

Aviation Week's Digital Transformation Summit 2023